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Welcome to Angelina Fan Brasil

Hey, I'm Angelina from Brasil, and I'm excited to share my love for the world of showbiz with every other fan around the globe, check out my latest posts!

Why Are So Many People Caught Up In Celebrity Fashion Trends?

Many people follow certain celebrities and pay close attention to the fashion choices they make. In addition to wanting to know who they are dating and where they are traveling to many people also want to know what their favorite celeb is wearing as well. Some people will go as far as to try to dress just like the celebrities.

People who fall into this category of wanting to copy their favorite celebrities fashion choices have a variety of reasons for doing so. In the remainder of the article below we will go over some of the reasons that people give for this practice.

The definition of celebrity suggests that one is well known and popular and in actuality many of these people can't even lead a normal life because they can't go anywhere without being mobbed by both fans and paparazzi. If you asked them there are many celebrities who would like to change this so that they could have some semblance of a normal life. On the other side of the coin there are people who crave attention and think that if they dress like a celebrity that maybe they will get some of that attention as well although in the vast majority of cases this just isn't true.

When you see celebrities on television talk shows you see that they get many compliments on their fashion choices and in fact in a lot of cases you will see a lot of people copying their style after an appearance on a show. Since most normal people who have average lives and jobs don't get complimented in this way some actually crave it. This is why many people will watch TV fashion channels and subscribe to fashion magazines to keep up with the trends in celebrity fashion.

Some people may think that this practice of being fascinated with celeb fashion trends is unhealthy but in reality there is nothing wrong with staying informed about it. The problem is when a fan becomes so obsessed that they actually want to try to make themselves look just like the star they are adoring. In addition, just because a particular style looks good on the celebrity doesn't mean it will look good on you. I can remember when Madonna was hot when she first came out and girls were dressing in the sexy styles that she wore. Some looked good, but others should not have been making the attempt. I will leave that as is.

Another issue is that celebrities have more money that the majority of the population so they can afford to change their clothing styles more often than others. Most of us would quickly run out of money trying to keep up with all of the changes. One good thing that has come out of this is that many lower end designers such as those who create fashions for department stores are copying the styles and pricing them more affordable for the general population.


Top 3 Sunglasses Commonly Worn By Celebrities

We all look up to celebrities. In fact, we'd buy magazines and check out celebrity blogs just to know more about our favorite Hollywood star. One of the most commonly asked-about information about our favorite actors and actresses is their favorite choice of sunglasses. As stars, they wear sunglasses most of the time not only to protect their eyes from the harmful UV radiation but also to conceal their identity and to shoo paparazzi. And what are the most common sunglasses brands worn by our favorite celebrities? Here's a quick recap.

Chanel. Chanel is the top pick of actresses who love to look fashionable and stylish everywhere they go. One can never go wrong with a Chanel, especially when you're feeling girly and want to wear your favorite dress. Socialites like Paris Hilton, singers like Rihanna, and women who want to look classy forever such as Meryl Streep love Chanel sunglasses.

Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban sunglasses first became popular when it was made as the official sunglasses brand by the US army. Nowadays, it's the go-to brand among celebrities and individuals who want a combination of function and style. Ray-ban sunglasses are not very feminine but they exude an impression of fierceness, which is why these sunglasses are commonly associated with rock stars. Some of the famous celebrities who love Ray-Ban include Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan. Ray-Ban is associated with being a masculine brand. When General Douglas Mc Arthur wore the Ray-Ban aviator to one of the most important milestones in American history, the brand was seen as something "manly" and "strong."

Prada. Prada has the same market as Chanel's. It's the choice of women who want to look classy and fashionable all the time. The good thing about Prada designs is that you don't always have to pair them with your dresses. You, too, can wear your favorite Prada sunglasses with your favorite jeans and shirts. No wonder why Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian love their Prada sunnies. Designer shades are accessories that every star lives in. Celebrities are often seen and photographed outdoors even without handbags or jewellery and not even dolled up but seldom are they without sunglasses.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Which is why it is very important that you always pack at least one with you along with your bikinis and sunblock. Today, there are a wide range of sunglasses to choose from and for sure, there's one that will best fit your style and budget.

So, do you want to look like your favorite celebrities? Take your pick from any of the sunglass brands mentioned above.


Hugh Laurie: Gifted Actor and Piano Player

The next time you're watching TV and Gregory House sits down by the piano at the end of an episode, watch his fingers carefully. The British actor that plays Dr. House, Hugh Laurie, is both an accomplished actor and a professional musician.

If you ask Hugh Laurie about his musical skills, he'll likely give you a humble and self-effacing answer. For instance, Laurie often describes himself as a "frustrated musician" and says that he "trifles" with the piano and guitar.

Since the early days of his acting career on British programs like A Bit of Fry and Laurie and Poor White Trash and Wooster, Hugh Laurie has been composing and recording original music. In fact, Laurie stated that his life's secret dream is to play in a jazz trio in the lounge of a small hotel. He quips that the group would be called the Hugh Laurie Five, even though there would only be three musicians.

Laurie has played music with two noteworthy musical groups. In the late 1990's, Laurie played in a band called Poor White Trash with Lenny Henry and Ben Elton's wife Sophie. Another well-known English actor, Adrian Edmondson from The Young Ones, was also a member of the group for a time. The group played soul and blues with a touch of funk.

More recently, Hugh Laurie plays with the Los Angeles charity group called Band from TV. The band was formed when Greg Grunberg realized that a tremendous amount of interest was generated when celebrities got together to jam. He saw an opportunity to play fundraisers for charity with fellow celebrities. So, when he guest starred on an episode of House, he asked Hugh Laurie to play with the group. The group made its debut at the TV Guide after party for the 58th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2006.

Other celebrities that have played with Band from TV include Teri Hatcher, James Denton, Bonnie Somerville, Bob Guiney, Jesse Spencer, Chris Kelley, Barry Sarna, Bryan McCann, Jon Sarna, Brad Savage, Chris Mostert and David Anders.

The band covered the Rolling Stones' hit "You Can't Always Get What You Want" for the House M.D. Original Television Soundtrack, and they frequently play charity events to benefit various causes. They released an album entitled Hoggin' All the Covers in 2007.

Laurie also makes music a family affair. He plays guitar and piano, while his two sons play saxophone and drums. His daughter joins in on clarinet, and the family plays together. Clearly, the kids get their musical talent from their father.

Hugh Laurie has showcased his musical talent on shows like Saturday Night Live and Inside the Actor's Studio. In addition to playing and recording music, Hugh Laurie enjoys piloting private planes, driving motorcycles and skydiving.

So, the next time you see an old episode of House MD and you catch Hugh Laurie playing "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" during the episode, now you'll know the good doctor really can tickle the ivories. Hopefully, future episodes of the hit show will highlight Laurie's talent for music, since Dr. House's character is all the more soulful while he's playing his piano.


Most Popular Celebrity Transformations After Being On Reality TV

Television shows have changed in the last few years. We still have our sitcoms and dramas, and the occasional movie, but something new has come on the scene lately, and it is giving these other types of shows a real run for their money. I'm talking of course, about reality shows. Reality shows started to appear on television a few years ago, and they have grown in popularity, until you cannot go through three or four channels without coming across some type of reality show.

Reality shows used to give people their fifteen or twenty minutes of fame when they first started out, but in the last couple of years, there have been some people who have found a bit of lasting fame from their appearances on some reality shows, and the public has really latched onto some of these new celebrities. There are so many different types of reality shows nowadays, and some of them seem to be more apt to launch their contestants into fame and fortune than others. Today, you can choose to watch reality shows such as, Survivor, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Fear Factor, No Opportunity Wasted, American Idol, The Apprentice, So You Think You Can Dance, Hell's Kitchen, The Hills, and these are just a few reality TV shows!

Survivor has churned out more than one new celebrity, and probably the two most popular was a couple who fell in love during their time on the show. Rob and Amber were very popular after competing on Survivor, and a lot of people have followed their lives, even years after the show. Add this to the fact that they appeared as contestants on The Amazing Race together, and came in second place in 2005, and their celebrity status doubled!

Chef Gordon Ramsay is another person who has achieved major celebrity status by appearing as the star on a reality show. His show, Hell's Kitchen, did so well, that he is now doing another reality show, called Kitchen Nightmares, where he takes restaurants that are not faring so well, and turns them around. Chef Ramsay is getting a lot more recognition on the street since he has been doing these shows.

Another reality show that has turned out a whole lot of stars is American Idol. Some of the winners of this singing reality show have not been so successful, (Justin Guarini has been the butt of many jokes) but a lot of the winners have sold multi-million records. Some examples are Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks. This is one type of reality show where contestants definitely have a good chance at becoming an instant celebrity. Singers have a place in one of the most popular group of celebrities in the world, right along with actors and actresses.

If you want to achieve "celebrity status", appearing on a reality show could actually be a smart way of doing so. Just do your research and make sure that you pick the right one. Don't audition for a show that you have no talents for.


Giving Celebrities Immortality Off Camera

Visitors to Madame Tussauds wax museums come face to face with life like replicas of famous celebrities and notorious personalities. The life sized wax statues are meticulously crafted using molding materials to create duplicate images of actual persons. It is a real honor to be called upon to be immortalized in wax for the entire world to see.

When celebrities are contacted to pose for a wax sculpture they may not have any idea that they will be photographed from every angle and asked to donate an article of clothing that they have actually worn. Furthermore the intended work of art may not know that a cast of their entire head will be taken using molding materials that are applied to the face and neck.

Not to worry, the celebrity victims are given straws to breath through as the molding material is placed over their eyes, nose and mouth. Making a cast allows the artist to work from a full scale actual impression of the model. Once dry the cast is removed and cleaned then filled with molding materials that create the foundation of the wax duplicate.

Other applications of molding materials with similar uses have been introduced by special effects teams working on movies to create transformations like Michael Jackson turning into a ware wolf for his music video featurette Thriller. Just as the artists that build the wax models for Madame Tussauds, special effects professionals build masks and sculpt body parts from molding materials that capture the actual physical features of the actors that are appearing in the films.

Molding materials and casting kits preserve perfectly the appendages and faces of actors that may be violently torn apart or blown up as part of the visual effects for a feature film.

Meanwhile back at the wax museum the model that has been created from molding materials applied to the original celebrity model undergo a series of makeup treatments to capture the skin tones and coloring of the celebrity.

The eyelids are cut out of the wax figure and matching glass eyes are placed inside the skull of the wax figure. Hair is also matched in texture and weight to the original and groomed to reflect the style at the time of the rendering. The finishing touches of clothing and accessories are added to the figure that may also be an exact duplicate taken with additional molding materials used on the body of the celebrity over a skin tight bodysuit.

Not to worry, the molding materials are completely safe for use on human skin and are fully environmentally safe if discarded after use. Once finished the glamorous celebrity look a like is placed on display for the entire world to see and appreciate.


Ten Movie Idol Obituaries From Ten Years Ago.

It is common to hear people say that time flies and it is true. I have put together a list of screen idols who passed away ten years ago. When I began researching this list of screen idols' obituaries, I was surprised to read who had died and how old they had become when they died. I have listed them by date. Doesn't time fly?

Hedy Lamarr: 86, Viennese born movie star, whose seductive beauty tempted all the male stars of the 1920's and 30's. Credited as co-inventor (with composer George Antheil) of a patented device for radio-controlled missiles. Old age, Orlando, Fla., Jan 19, 2000.

Durwood Kirby: 88, Kentucky born TV personality, announcer and foil to Garry Moore. Host of 'Candid Camera'. Cause undisclosed, Fort Myers, Fla., March 15, 2000.

Claire Trevor: 91, Brooklyn-born movie actress. The brash moll in 'Stagecoach' and the Oscar-winning alcoholic singer in 'Key Largo'. She played in nearly 70 films. Of respiratory disease, Newport Beach, Calif., April 8, 2000.

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr: 90, U.S. actor and producer. He created a motion picture career despite being under his father's shadow. Best known for 'Gunga Din' and 'The Prisoner Of Zenda' in the 1930's. Cause undisclosed. New York, May 7, 2000.

Sir John Gielgud: 96, legendary British actor. Long time star of stage and screen in the UK and US. Remarkable Shakespearean actor. Won an Oscar for 'Arthur'. Old age, Aylesbury, UK, May 21, 2000.

Walter Matthau: 79, U.S. actor. Best known as Oscar Madison in the 'Odd Couple'. He was everybody's favourite grumpy old man. Of a heart attack, Santa Monica, Calif., July 1, 2000

Sir Alec Guinness: 86, renowned British actor. Best known for Oscar-winning performance as the mad colonel in 'Bridge Over The River Kwai' and Obi-Wan Kanobi in 'Star Wars'. Very versatile actor. Old age, West Sussex, UK, Aug. 5, 2000.

Loretta Young: 87, U.S. picture star from Hollywood's golden age of the 1930's and 40's. Oscar winner for 'The Farmer's Daughter' (1947). Emmy winner for 'The Loretta Young Show' (1954-63) on TV. Of ovarian cancer, Los Angeles, Aug. 12, 2000.

Richard Farnsworth: 80, U.S. actor. In films for 60 years, first as a stunt man, then at 57 as an actor. Twice nominated for an Academy Award including 'The Straight Story'. Suicide, Lincoln, N. Mexico, Oct. 6, 2000.

Steve Allen: 78, U.S. comedian, entertainer and songwriter, who pioneered the late-night TV show format of the. He wrote over 5,000 songs, including 'This Could Be The Start Of Something Big' and 'Impossible'. An apparent heart attack in Los Angeles, Calif. Oct. 31, 2000.


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